CryptoBay Difference 2018-01-25T10:18:56+00:00

Why CryptoBay Auction is different?

  • Payments in major Crypto Currencies are supported

  • CryptoBay Network is based on blockchain nodes specific to each channel. New Merchants can join easily without difficult various API’s required by other systems and very quickly list and cross sell/auction their lots on the network.

  • No middle man – such as centralized auction house, all participating dealers are auction nodes.

  • Merchant is auctioning their lots on all of the participating Nodes, with almost real time bid update throughout the network, without single item being able to be sold twice.
  • Originating auction merchants charges their standard fees to the seller. Node that brought the winning bid receives a commission.

  • Any CryptoBay participating merchant has access to much higher variety of products through the network, providing immense growth potential.