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About Us

CryptoBay Inc. – company based in Toronto with a software development team in Kyiv Ukraine. Founders of the company developed and tested a pilot of fully decentralized, distributed auction system. CryptoBay platform is a blockchain network, produced and tested as auction platform during the year 2017. Currently company is working on completion of several industry ready distributed auction blockchain channels, to be launched and spread among 1000’s of online dealers selling used cars, arts and crafts and electronics. Eventually CryptoBay team vision includes blockchain auction channels for majority of products available on the auction market place today, removing the need of middlemen (auction house). Company already have algorithms and business logics for the following markets:
  • Used Car Auctions
  • Arts and Crafts Auctions
  • Electronics Auctions
In a near future – expecting to develop models for
  • Real Estate Auctions
  • Collectibles Auctions
  • Stock Market Auctions